10 September 2019

SEATTLE, WA — Certified Artificial—a neutral, independent third-party certification service aiming to put public claims about artificial intelligence on more objective footing—announced today its CAT-L Verify™ software, a browser extension that dynamically modifies web pages to insert ratings of thought-leaders directly into the text of the sites.

Verify™ leverages the public Certified AI Thought-Leader (CAT-L) database to insert certification badges—corresponding to live ratings of thought-leaders in the AI ecosystem—in context, anywhere on the web. Importantly, badges are only inserted into pages containing claims made about artificial intelligence and machine learning. The Verify™ software will not display ratings for thought-leaders who appear in the CAT-L database when these individuals comment publicly on or otherwise receive coverage in fields other than AI.

“It’s no secret that ‘artificial intelligence’ has become a buzzword bandied about for the sake of pumping up anemic resumes and raising money from gullible investors,” said Tim Hwang, partner and technical director at Certified Artificial. “Our market research suggests that when people see a former Secretary of State or hedge fund director opining about AI online, they want to know whether or not to trust those remarks, and fast,” he said. “We think that Verify radically reforms the discursive landscape: by instantly showing quality ratings right alongside the remarks of the thought-leader in question.” Certified Artificial recently awarded former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger its lowest “Do Not Recommend” rating.

Verify™ represents the most recent release in a suite of products from Certified Artificial, which also offers the CAT-L certification to individuals and a Certified Artificial Intelligence (CAI) certification to corporate clients. Additional products are under development.

“Most people under 50 consume their news online,” noted Clayton Aldern, partner and research director at the firm. “And we know it’s difficult to parse the madness. We’re hoping to deliver an online experience more readers can trust,” he said.

The browser extension is available now. Example screenshots of CAT-L Verify™ in action can be viewed on the extension’s product pages. The extension is freely available to install on the Chrome browser. A Firefox version is forthcoming.

“In a space this crowded, it’s vital we treat everyone by the same standard,” explained Aldern. “I’m not usually in the business of quoting Boris Johnson, but: ‘What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander’.”

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