Certified AI Thought-Leader (CAT-L) Ratings Database

What is this?

CAT-L is an innovative certification service that evaluates AI thought-leaders and assigns them a rating based on a comprehensive 50-point inspection developed by the expert team at Certified Artificial.

This page contains the complete database of all AI thought-leaders who have received a CAT-L certification, and their associated Bronze, Silver, Gold or "Do Not Recommend" ratings.

Please note that Certified Artificial reserves the right to proactively assign rankings. The appearance of an individual in this database does not indicate they personally requested this certification.

These rankings signal the following:

  • Gold: This AI thought-leader is widely recognized beyond the technical field and by our evaluation meets the industry standard for opining on aspects of the machine learning revolution.

  • Silver: This AI thought-leader is advancing a nuanced discussion of the broader social implications of the technology and has practical, hands-on experience in machine learning.

  • Bronze: This AI thought-leader has the sufficient - if not extensive - background to give generally reliable assessments of and counsel about the technology.

  • Do Not Recommend (DNR): Certified Artificial does not recommend this AI thought-leader, due to a lack of necessary background in the topic or by virtue of unfounded speculation on the topic.

These rankings are updated periodically. You can find out more about the CAT-L certification and request your own certification by visiting our services page. You can also download our Chrome extension to view live CAT-L ratings everywhere on the web.

Current Database as of August 2019

Name Affiliation Link Rating Updated
Aldern, Clayton Standards International Link CAT-L Bronze 8/1/19
Bengio, Yoshua MILA Link CAT-L Gold 8/1/19
Brundage, Miles OpenAI Link CAT-L Bronze 8/1/19
Brynjolfsson, Erik MIT Link CAT-L Bronze 8/1/19
Buolamwini, Joy MIT Media Lab Link CAT-L Gold 8/1/19
Clark, Jack OpenAI Link CAT-L Bronze 8/1/19
Crawford, Kate NYU / AI Now Institute Link CAT-L Gold 8/1/19
Dean, Jeff Google Link CAT-L Gold 8/1/19
Gebru, Timnit Stanford / Google Link CAT-L Gold 8/1/19
Harari, Yuval Noah Hebrew University of Jerusalem Link Not Recommended 8/1/19
Howard, Jeremy Fast.ai Link CAT-L Bronze 8/1/19
Hu, Nicole One Concern Link Not Recommended 9/15/19
Hwang, Tim Harvard / MIT Link CAT-L Bronze 8/1/19
Isaac, William DeepMind Link CAT-L Silver 8/1/19
Kissinger, Henry Kissinger Associates Link Not Recommended 8/1/19
Lipton, Zack Carnegie Mellon Link CAT-L Silver 8/1/19
Marcus, Gary New York University Link CAT-L Silver 8/1/19
Mohamed, Shakir DeepMind / Deep Learning Indaba Link CAT-L Gold 8/1/19
Musk, Elon Tesla Link Not Recommended 8/1/19
Narayanan, Arvind Princeton Link CAT-L Silver 8/1/19
Ng, Andrew Researcher / Investor Link CAT-L Silver 8/1/19
Pearl, Judea UCLA Link CAT-L Gold 9/15/19
Raval, Siraj The School of AI Link Not Recommended 10/14/19
Rodin, Judith Rockefeller Foundation Link Not Recommended 9/15/19
Sandell, Scott New Enterprise Associates Link Not Recommended 9/15/19
Scharre, Paul CNAS Link CAT-L Bronze 8/1/19
Schwab, Klaus World Economic Forum Link Not Recommended 8/1/19
Venkatasubramanian, Suresh University of Utah Link CAT-L Silver 8/1/19
Wani, Ahmad One Concern Link Not Recommended 9/15/19
Yao, Mariya TOPBOTS Link CAT-L Bronze 8/1/19