Certified Artificial Intelligence

They say there's AI inside. We look under the hood.

AI often isn't AI.

Terms like “artificial intelligence,” “machine learning,” and “deep learning” have been bandied about so much that it is difficult to tell whether a hot startup or even an established company is actually leveraging the latest breakthroughs in computer science—or just relabeling old technology as cutting edge.

In some cases, “artificial intelligence” has turned out to be just a meaningless marketing term for rudimentary statistics. More worryingly, “artificial intelligence” has sometimes turned out to be teams of humans pretending to be an advanced AI system.

This dilemma makes for an extremely risky market:

  • Buyers of AI technologies need a way to assess whether what they’re buying is really AI. Otherwise, they risk overpaying for overpriced nonsense.

  • Businesses selling AI need a trustworthy manner of demonstrating that they really are using the latest AI technologies in their products to add value and differentiate themselves from the competition.

That’s where Certified Artificial Intelligence™ comes in. For a nominal assessor's fee ($1,499), businesses can procure independent verification by our team of experts that the products and services they're offering are in fact leveraging the latest machine learning techniques. When verified, these businesses are added to our public database of certified companies and receive an embeddable digital certificate CAI Certified that attests to their genuine use of the emerging technology.

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