The Problem

Artificial intelligence is a noisy place.

Countless thought-leaders and fly-by-night startups are selling the latest “machine learning” breakthroughs to the highest bidder. As a business, it’s difficult to navigate this space. What's real, and what is a marketing gimmick? Who should you trust, and who should you be sure to avoid? Which thought-leaders are worth following, and which are a waste of your time?

Certified Artificial is a neutral, independent third-party certification service that aims to disrupt this sorry state of affairs and put the artificial intelligence ecosystem on more objective footing. It seeks to help business decisionmakers, policymakers, and conference organizers sift through the hype to find leading experts and real services to address their needs.

Certified Artificial is currently seeking to become a signatory to the International Accreditation Forum arrangement.

Our Products

Certified Artificial provides two key services:

Certified Artificial Intelligence (CAI)

Certified Artificial Intelligence provides independent, third-party verification that a company is in fact offering products and services powered by artificial intelligence and the latest breakthroughs in machine learning.


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Certified AI Thought Leader (CAT-L)

CAT-L is an innovative certification service that leverages a 50-point inspection methodology to assign quality ratings to thought-leaders in the artificial intelligence space.


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