Certification in AI Thought-Leadership

Moore's law is over. We credential the new oracles.

Who can you trust?

The hype around artificial intelligence has been a massive boon to a whole class of opinion formers, thought leaders, and hot-take makers on social media. If you’re looking to find someone to write an op-ed, speak at your conference, or consult with your business, you’ll find a bewildering number of purported “experts” floating about the AI ecosystem.

How can you tell who is qualified? Who actually knows something about the latest breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, and who's simply pretending that they do? Who's pushing forward the latest advances in the technology, and who is merely riding the waves of media hype?

CAT-L is a certification service designed to help cut through this noise and help businesses quickly and efficiently identify qualified experts in the artificial intelligence space.

For a nominal certification fee ($599), Certified Artificial’s team of experts will conduct a rigorous 50-point inspection and assign a CAT-L Gold™ CAT-L Gold , CAT-L Silver™ CAT-L Silver , or CAT-L Bronze™ CAT-L Bronze credential—or, indeed, a “Do Not Recommend” rating. The rankings are logged in our public database, and we provide an official digital certificate and embeddable badge to display on websites and other materials.

CAT-L works in two manners:

  • Businesses and individuals can request a CAT-L assessment be conducted on a specific expert, thereby triggering an independent evaluation by a team of experts and a subsequent public rating assignment.

  • Thought-leaders can request a CAT-L assessment be conducted on themselves, thereby allowing them to obtain a certification from an independent group of experts—and enabling them to stand out from the crowd.

On a case-by-case basis, the Certified Artificial team will also proactively assign certifications to specific experts in the ecosystem. Certified Artificial also offers discounted scholarships for its service, which you can learn more about by contacting scholarships@certifiedartificial.com.

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